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The Shanghairen

So happy we contributed to the Shanghairen! Here the growing collection. Ailadi lived in #Shanghai for 5 yr and still loves that city 🙂

Tomorrow Festival in Shenzhen

We did the visual communication for the 6th edition of the Tomorrow Festival in Shenzhen. Here more info & the schedule of the event.

PET.CORP + Goto80 Opening @ Spaceblanket

How many pixels and megabytes do we really need to express ourselves? The answer usually seems to be more. But PET.CORP suggests something else. They work with text characters and small scripts to create surreal, meditative, frenetic and beautiful works of art. All their works in this exhibition was made with only a few kilobytes …

PET.CORP @ Spaceblanket

March 2 at 6PM → pet_corp and goto80 will perform at Spaceblanket, Hong Kong ★ ☉ RSVP → https://petcorp-at-spaceblanket.eventbrite.com  Program 6:00pm — Opening Reception 7:00pm — Sidabitball,  Live Gamboy music 7:30pm — GOTO80 + PET.CORP, Audiovisual Live Set


We just launched Shirbum! A shirt + an album by Goto80. Catchy and melancholic pop music full of mega basic FM-sounds, synth speech vocals, 80’s drum machines and friendly acid bombs. Two options: Shirbum is a high-quality tailor-made C64-shirt that comes with all the 23 songs (QR/stream/download). Shirbum Light is the naked digital version with 15 …