PET.CORP (The PETSCII Corporation) was founded in 2015 in Hong Kong by the IT-chef Jambonbill and the visual technician Ailadi. We create graphics and animations using only the ASCII character set of the Commodore 64, known as PETSCII.
Our creative process combines illustrated ideas with the generative capabilities of our own custom tool, Pet Shop Pro. We make moving, generative and interactive works, as well as printed materials & textiles.

Something about us:

Jambonbill — I started  making gameboy music under the name ‘Sidabitball‘ during the 2000’s in the original Gameboy renaissance in Europe. As one of the founders of the Micromusic ParisHQ – a lose constellation of people that organized concerts and events for low-tech music – I organized and performed at numerous 8-bit music events around Europe.  I play energetic Gameboy tunes, full of playfulness and big beeps.

Ailadi — I do often works with self imposed constraints and daily iteration of a creative task on a yearly basis. My drawings combine a critical observation with a funny & ironic style. I use different media from paint, to digital, to inflatables, textile, and text-mode.


Get in touch by writing us: info@petcorp.org or use the below form: