PET.CORP + Goto80 Opening @ Spaceblanket

How many pixels and megabytes do we really need to express ourselves? The answer usually seems to be more. But PET.CORP suggests something else. They work with text characters and small scripts to create surreal, meditative, frenetic and beautiful works of art. All their works in this exhibition was made with only a few kilobytes of code and a “palette” of 256 predefined text characters.

PET.CORP uses a set of text characters known as PETSCII. It was embedded as a font in the Commodore 64 computer from 1982, which is exactly what PET.CORP uses for their visuals. Nothing more, nothing less.

While some of their work is made with a traditional frame-by-frame animation (365 — 1 Year of daily GIF, 2016) they mainly works with scripts that run as programs while you are watching it. They are not videos.

PET.CORP also invited Goto80 to be part of the exhibition, partly to show their joint effort Shirbum, but also to exhibit his Robot Music Non Stop (2019) where a robot uses a PETSCII interface to create music on the fly.

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