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Galza 27 – 20 Years of Galza (C64 Edition)

Our participation in Galza 27, with 4 abstract illustrations https://csdb.dk/release/?id=182071

PETSCII for a Led Building

An abstract flow of PETSCII graphics on a giant led screen, for the Electronic Language International Festival in Sao Paulo (FILE Festival LED Show)

The Shanghairen

So happy we contributed to the Shanghairen! Here the growing collection. Ailadi lived in #Shanghai for 5 yr and still loves that city 🙂

Tomorrow Festival in Shenzhen

We did the visual communication for the 6th edition of the Tomorrow Festival in Shenzhen. Here more info & the schedule of the event.

PET.CORP + Goto80 Opening @ Spaceblanket

How many pixels and megabytes do we really need to express ourselves? The answer usually seems to be more. But PET.CORP suggests something else. They work with text characters and small scripts to create surreal, meditative, frenetic and beautiful works of art. All their works in this exhibition was made with only a few kilobytes …